Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grappling Strength ExercisesMartial Artists - Are You Ready To Hit Harder, Grapple Better, And Avoid The Worlds #1 Self Defense Injury?

With Just a Few Simple Exercises, and Pennies Worth of "Equipment," You Can Turn Your Hands Into Weapons of Steel. It Doesn't Matter If You Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Iaido or Kickboxing - If Your Hands Aren't Strong, You Will Be Weak When It Really Counts.

kickboxing self defense techniquesAs you read this page completely you'll quickly discover why proper hand strength training is a key to becoming a truly powerful martial artist. You'll understand why the "average" martial artist may be in danger of hurting themselves from improper training. And you'll see why combat athletes, martial artists, law enforcement officers, and military personnel must add these simple hand and grip strength exercises to their training.

Just 6 Simple Sets Of Exercises Give You The Power To Slam Your Opponents With Hands Like Sledgehammers

With proper hand-strength training your bones and tendons will become thicker and stronger. You will be able to hit harder with weapons that won't fail!

"The real secret to hitting someone hard is hand strength. If your hands aren't strong, speed and arm strength matter very little. If You're lucky, your reflexes will inhibit your power to strike to protect you from injury. If you're unlucky, you will hit someone and damage your hand or wrist."

The Martial Arts Hand And Grip Training Guide will guide you step-by step through exercises that will give you those sledgehammer hands. You will become a more effective martial artist, even if you don't focus on punching and striking.

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When You Grapple Your Opponents Will Think You Put Them In A Steel Vise

aikido and jujutsu grappling and self defenseYour hand and grip strength will become phenomenal. When you grapple, your python grip will give you a HUGE advantage.

If you ever have to place your hands on somebody in self defense they will curse the day they ever tried to assault you. Your grip will be strong enough to inflict serious and immediate pain, and even to cause injury to your opponent.

If you grapple in competition, your locks, holds, and trows will become un-escapeable! Opponents will struggle in vain to wriggle loose from your grasp.

This guide is perfect for mixed martial arts competitors who need to punch and grapple!


The strength training in this guide will give you the ability to cause serious injury to an opponent. You must use this strength wisely in training in within the constraints of local law in genuine self-defense situations.

In many locations, your trained hands might indeed be considered lethal weapons. You are completely responsible for your actions.

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Avoid The #1 Street Fighting Injury (This One Puts Down a Lot of Boxers and Martial Arts Experts In Self-Defense Situations)

"I stood in amazement as the supposed martial arts master demonstrated a technique by punching a padded wall. Thud! I saw his embarrassment as he pulled his hand back in pain. Multiple reconstructive surgeries, and 6 months of therapy later - he's now starting to train again. His hand will never be the same."

"The number 1 injuries to law enforcement officers and streetfighters are injuries to the hands."

The reason why boxers wrap their hands and put on gloves is not to protect their opponent's head - it's to keep from smashing their hands to a pulp. The second most boxers get into a street fight - they break their hands.

Imagine having to defend yourself or a loved one and breaking your hand on your attacker. Now what will you do!

Building hand strength is a key to avoiding injuries to the hands. You can execute a perfect striking technique and still hurt yourself worse than your opponent.

This program is designed to give you the confidence to defend yourself, your family, and your friends should the need arise.

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Turn a Few Pennies And Some Trash Into Martial Arts Equipment That Gives You Caveman Grip And Hand Strength

You don't need a thousands bucks worth of gym equipment to build strong hands. In fact, you don't even need a gym membership.

You can get the improvised materials in this manual for literally a few cents. (Some of the training tools are free items that you can rescue from the trash bin).

Learn the 5 Powerful training tools - none of which should cost as much as $1. In fact, several of them are free.

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There's No Need To Cripple Your Hands Training The Wrong Way (WARNING: Many Traditional Martial Arts Hand Training Methods Can Injure You Badly)

It's a secret that would shock most traditional martial artists: Most traditional martial arts hand training is all wrong and can leave you arthritic and crippled!

Traditional empty hand martial arts developed hundreds of years ago was developed for people who weren't expected to live past their 20s and 30s. Most didn't live past their third battle. Shortcuts were developed to train the hands to be hard and calloused so that people could go into battle quickly.

These people were mostly illiterate farmers who didn't need to hold a pen, type on a computer, or play a guitar. Had they continued their training for years, their tissue damage would have crippled them.

So why the heck to people still train like that today?

Simple, the injuries occur over time. Most people don't feel them coming on until it's too late. I'm here to tell you that you can strike hard enough to shatter an opponent's bones without crippling your hands.

  • You can have super-strong hands without disfiguring your knuckles with thick, ugly callouses.
  • You can have crushing grip-strength without the pain of arthritis and joint damage that will never heal.
  • You can strike hard and not break your hands.
Testimonials about the author:

"Moore Sensei is one of the best martial arts instructors with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. There are many competent martial artists out there who have devastating fighting skills and abilities. Moore Sensei gives me the impression that he is one of them. However, what separates him from many others in the field is his ability to transmit his knowledge of self-defense to the student. "

"Moore Sensei is extremely approachable and is very passionate about self-defense. He is especially good at providing very real situations in which you may need to defend yourself. You come out of just one class very educated and armed with the knowledge of how to protect yourself from an attacker."

"Moore Sensei is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only is he able to break down a complex martial art into simple concepts but his classes are taught with safety as the top priority. He teaches martial arts in an effective and practical manner. From day one, his students will learn techniques that can save their lives."

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